Nivea Whitening Sensitive Deodorant – review

As from the title you already know that, it’s a review blog of Nivea Whitening Sensitive Deodorant.




First of all a big thanks to SHRUTI from SHRUTIARJUNANAND.  I saw her video and got to know about this product and its benefits. I love you shruti .


Dark / pigmented underarms lower your confidence to wear sleeveless clothes. Nivea came up with a series of products to help women solve this problem to some extent. For sensitive skin, they introduced Nivea Whitening Sensitive Deodorant. Continue reading

Love find ways itself

Aroma of Fresh flowers in the air, beautiful lightnings, people in ethnic Indian attire, Yes, it’s a traditional Indian wedding function.

Love find ways itself,

Everyone is enjoying the function but not more than Shanvi and her cousins. It’s the wedding of one of their cousin and they all are enjoying the hell out of it. Their dance performances, laughter, playing tricks, everything is attracting everyone in the wedding. No one can guess exact age of anyone in the group of cousins as they all look same of their age. But the elder one is Shanvi and next turn of getting married would be hers. Everyone is quite exited for her marriage except her as she is still waiting for love. Continue reading

How to apply new themes (Blogspot) – 2017

Hello Friends,
If you want to give your blogspot account a new website look, which is absolutely cool and refreshing, then check the below link and get to know more about this .


I hope this video is worth watching.Don’t forget to give your reviews by commenting below, it means alot to me.

Enjoy and Stay Happy!


She is born again

She is all up for rising
                          Like a sun with the never ending light,
She is all brightened up
                         To show everyone her worth,
She , with all her strength
                       Ready to climb every mountain,
She, with all her emotions cried out
                        Coz she has done a promise for life,
She, with all her broken pieces
                      Will build the dream that got denied earlier,
She refused to be a wreck
                         As now she will stand up for herself,