Problems = no problem

In business, problem solving technique fails when you only focus on those problems who seems to be big and you totally ignores small issues. We solve many problems of others in business but things starts getting change and difficult when we couldn’t find solutions for our problems. You always think that you have to focus on the big issues. In this way all those small issues becomes big and dangerous for business. There is no difference in issues, whether it’s big or small. One need to focus on everything equally.

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When you work from home

Home based business have increased nowadays everywhere. We don’t have to go to offices daily and all we can do is work from home. Most important thing for home based business is home-based office. For that professional touch in your work, you need office anyway.  The main reason for home based office is you can keep all things related to your work at same place and you don’t have to run in the whole house to find things and waste your precious time.

When you work from home 6.jpg

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Love is everywhere

Sam is very happy today as he bought a beautiful White wedding gown from the best store in the town. His grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Wilson did all the arrangements for the evening. Lawn at the backside of their house was looking amazingly different with beautiful flowers, red white balloons and a stage little high from the ground in the middle of the lawn. This is the venue for today’s function.

Love is everywhere.png

It’s a beautiful sunny day and everyone is happy. Decorations are done, food has been ordered from the best catering house in the town. Best Dj of the town is already here checking melodious tunes for the evening. Invites has been sent to all the relatives and friends as its going to be a private ceremony. Continue reading

Nivea Whitening Sensitive Deodorant – review

As from the title you already know that, it’s a review blog of Nivea Whitening Sensitive Deodorant.




First of all a big thanks to SHRUTI from SHRUTIARJUNANAND.  I saw her video and got to know about this product and its benefits. I love you shruti .


Dark / pigmented underarms lower your confidence to wear sleeveless clothes. Nivea came up with a series of products to help women solve this problem to some extent. For sensitive skin, they introduced Nivea Whitening Sensitive Deodorant. Continue reading

Love find ways itself

Aroma of Fresh flowers in the air, beautiful lightnings, people in ethnic Indian attire, Yes, it’s a traditional Indian wedding function.

Love find ways itself,

Everyone is enjoying the function but not more than Shanvi and her cousins. It’s the wedding of one of their cousin and they all are enjoying the hell out of it. Their dance performances, laughter, playing tricks, everything is attracting everyone in the wedding. No one can guess exact age of anyone in the group of cousins as they all look same of their age. But the elder one is Shanvi and next turn of getting married would be hers. Everyone is quite exited for her marriage except her as she is still waiting for love. Continue reading